Venus Retrograde

Who, what, and how, are you choosing to love???

Stations Rx: 13th May, 2020 @ 04:45 AEST (+10 UTC) for 24 hours

Proceeds Rx: 14th May 2020

at 21° 50’ of Gemini in the 2nd House of Taurus/Venus

Stationing Direct: 25th June 2020 @ 04:50 AEST (+10 UTC) for 24 hours

Proceeding Direct: 26th June 2020

at 5° 20’ of Gemini in the 1st House of Aries/Mars

With the dust barely settled on Saturn having commenced retrograde, we are now being dunked into equally as trying and emotionally confounding waters now Venus is stationing retrograde in Gemini in the early hours of the morning, here in Australia.

The planets are pushing and testing us like nothing we have experienced – or consciously so – in our lives. Our intuitions, Soul-led and heart-led urges are battling it out with our mental realms and logic.

As we have Venus making a square aspect to Neptune, still swimming along giggling at us, in Pisces as we do our best traverse the swells, in sextile to the Sun.

The Sun is in an out-of-sign conjunction with Mercury, in Taurus and Gemini, respectively, and are in Trine to the conjunction of Aquarian placed Saturn, Capricornian placed Pluto in conjunction to the Aquarian Moon in Trine to the aforementioned Sun Mercury conjunction. This is only a sliver of a glance of what we are experiencing in the cosmos above at 04:45 AEST once Venus has stationed.

These energies alone are offering us one more chance to slip through the crack in the door, barely ajar before Venus retrogrades, followed by Jupiter stationing retrograde within eight hours of Venus Rx transit beginning.

After looking over the charts for this transit and researching the historical transits – listed below - I am strongly feeling that brutal honesty with Self is what is required going into these energies.

During this transit, accompanied by the fellow retrograders, and those planets still on their way to the party. The cascades of cosmic alignments throughout what is on its way, can either be abashing to us or, to empower us. There could not be a more pivotal and potent time in your personal history to dive into your personal astrology. For when we under-stand the stars and cosmos, we can better inner-stand Self.

Each time I have tuned into the energy for this transit and what is to come I am shown four different scenarios, simultaneously playing out on four different screens in my minds eye.

The first and second of these screens, of course, relates to the Lovers, those that are happily coupled and eager to embrace the changes and each other as the new day dawns on this event horizon we are experiencing. Knowing they have one another’s back, no matter what this life throws at them. Their love and the way they choose to love is all that matters.

The second, those Lovers who have subconsciously allowed their inner flames to turn to smouldering embers, holding on to them hoping against all sense and heart-felt truths, that if they stay, things will change for the better with time. Holding on to the “What if’s” as I once called it, long ago, having lived through this. Knowing in their hearts, they have already been trying and have tried for long enough.

The third, is a bright blinding light that is showing just enough of your path, for you to remember and trust that it will be there under your feet, if only you can trust in yourself enough to take the first step. This could be in a romantic capacity, this could be on a personal level of your inner journey. This could also be related to your business and career. However this resonates for you as you read these words, trust what is popping into mind. These will be your hints and reminders of your Soul and heart’s nudges.

The fourth, is showing me zero-point, and as I have referred to it over the course of my daily oracles – sitting in the eye of the tornado. Grounded and centred. Eerily still, calm and tranquil. Being the observer to the chaos ensuing around you, yet not allowing your energy to be swept up in the madness. Being witness, not part.

Where you feel, if any, of the scenarios resonates to you, remember beloved. You are the key to unlocking your destiny. Your heart knows the way, it always has done. With the heavy Mercurial influence over Venus during this transit, it is vital we must remember to feel our feelings, not think about them.

This is a strong trait of Gemini Sun, or Gemini Venus placements in a natal chart, and to some degree there is a semblance of that of Venus in Virgo placements too. To insist on being loved a particular way, to almost demand love “look”, “act”, “be given” in a particular way, and yet not knowing how to authentically love oneself.

Therefore, always seeking externally to receive a love only idealised and thought about, very rarely being truly and deeply felt. Therefore often a Gemini native may avoid deep love altogether as they have the mental agility to flit back, forth, over and under, between varying states of wanting, needing, desiring and holding, love. If this is the case, these Gemini’s may find their many circles of friends to be the loves of their lives. And remaining social active and present amongst a variety of friends will fulfil them.

Please note, this is a generalise look at Venus in Gemini and in no way is it to imply a Gemini, or those with heavy Gemini/Virgo placements will fit this mould.

As that is the beauty of the language of Astrology, it teaches Archetypes in order to impart a deeper innerstanding. It is when we realise we are each and unto ourselves the entire Zodiac uniquely birthed with our own cosmic algorithms and star dust, awaiting to be discovered. Awaiting to be remembered. This is when another level of alchemy can begin.

As this is an extremely Karmic time – read my article on pre and post- Venus Retrograde ShadowS here –it would behove you to reflect over the last times Venus retrograded too. These are:

October 5, 2018 – November 16, 2018; March 4, 2017 – April 15, 2017; July 25, 2015 – Sept 6, 2015; December 21, 2013 – January 31, 2014; May 15, 2012 – June 27, 2012; October 8, 2010 – November 18, 2010; March 6, 2009 – April 17, 2009; July 27, 2007 – Sept 8, 2007; December 24, 2005 – February 3, 2006; April – July 2004; September – December 2002; February – May 2001.

Look to the patterns, the mirrored energies within situations and environments, and briefly quest within for where you were personally, on all levels, during these times you are reminded of.

I have included some charts of the astrology, so you may see what we will be experiencing during pivotal times of this transit. Such as when Venus will shift Decans, a term used for portions of ten degrees that make up 30 degrees of each of the signs of the Zodiac. The second and third decans having their own ruling planet. The first decan is that of the Zodiac’s ruling planet.

When looking over through the ephemeris, the earliest date I found where Venus had retrograded in Gemini to almost the exact transit of degrees of what we are about to experience, was May 4, 1518 at 21° 32’ – June 16, 1518 5° 00’. So random fact I discovered, was a year the Venus transit across the Sun was visible from Earth, a rare astronomical phenomena, which takes place generally between every 243 - 106 years. Last of which was back in 2012 and will not occur again until December of 2117.

During the ephemeris scannings, I was glued to look at June 3rd – fourth slide below – so I pulled up the chart for it. Intuitively I feel this will be a heavy day as not only will the Sun Mercury conjunction be squaring Mars and Neptune, we will also have Chiron conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Aries along with the Moon in square aspect to Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter conjuctions opposing Uranus.

The better prepared you are on an internal level for this - and many other of the arduous transiting aspects we will be seeing in these coming months - the easier it will be for you. So maintain your practices of grounding your energies, clearing your field and finding your harmonious balances within during this time. Whatever that looks like for you. With the amplified energies, extra physical exertion would benefit restless minds.

If you feel guided to exercise, meditate, write, sing, dance, create, or any other form of expression – do it, without judgement of Self. Over the course of the next few weeks I especially feel there will be a resurgence of heart activations throughout this powerfully karmic time too.

Therefore, if you feel this begin to occur during the next 40 days and 40 nights of this retrograde transit – or if it is occurring now, and has been for some time. This is your confirmation to connect in with your heart space to do a healing and clearing if you haven’t done a few already.

Trust what your intuitive body is telling you at this time, discern if you are being guided by your heart, or swayed from your path by old wounds. Now is not the time to shy away from your Soul purpose due to blocks. Lean into the resistance and feel it melt away as you stretch your edges into a new “comfort zone” and repeat.

One of the greatest ways in which we can love ourselves and in turn love others, is to do what must be done. To do that which does not always feel the most comfortable or easy. When we are aiming to embody our highest versions thus, become something and someone we are yet to be, we must do the things we have not yet done to match and reach those results. It is another layer of self-parenting.

Remember you are ever evolving on this journey, and yes, these next few months of retrograde season are going to test you beyond all you thought you could possibly conquer. Yet know, you are more than ready. Your journey to this point to date has been building you, preparing you and dissolving that which will not serve where you are heading. Know this. Trust this. And trust in yourself beloved!

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has offered some solace and guidance for you during this next transit.

There is as usual below, a generalised list of what House to focus on and a link to a free natal chart for a more personalised look for you.

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Blessings to you all Brothers and Sisters, and to all beings, always.

Zarah Wolf


Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini/Mercury

Taurus Sun/ Ascendant: 2nd House – Ruled by Taurus/Venus

Gemini Sun/ Ascendant: 1st House – Ruled by Aries/Mars

Cancer Sun/ Ascendant: 12th House – Ruled by Pisces/Neptune

Leo Sun/ Ascendant: 11th House – Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

Virgo Sun/ Ascendant: 10th House – Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn

Libra Sun/ Ascendant: 9th House – Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Scorpio Sun/ Ascendant: 8th House – Ruled by Scorpio/Pluto

Sagittarius Sun/ Ascendant: 7th House – Ruled by Libra/Venus

Capricorn Sun/ Ascendant: 6th House – Ruled by Virgo/Mercury

Aquarius Sun/ Ascendant: 5th House – Ruled by Leo/the Sun

Pisces Sun/ Ascendant: 4th House – Ruled by Cancer/the Moon

FOR A MORE PERSONALISED VIEW I’ve included a link below where you can calculate your own Birth Chart (Natal Chart) to see which House 21 degrees of Gemini resides.

FREE Natal Chart:

If you’d like to go one step further for an even more in depth look into how this transit will affect your life, I encourage you to also look at your Progressed Natal Chart. This can be simply calculated by jumping one day forward for each year of your life eg; my birthday is September 16th 1982 therefore I shift 38 days to find my Progressed Chart which is October 24th 1982.

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