Saturn Retrograde | April 2019 | De ja vu or something more?

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(8 mins including 'Saturn Rx through the Houses')

Saturn Stationing 29th April, 2019 for 24 hours

Retrograding 30th April, 2019 @ 22:55 AEST (+10 UTC)

not Stationing to turn Direct until 18th September, 2019.

Greek God Cronus (Kronos), the Roman God Saturn. Being of the same archetype; Cronus/Saturn is The God & Planet of Time.

Saturn, the Ancient Roman God who, is akin to the Greek God, Cronus, The God of Time.

Not just the present time of here and now, particularly the destruction of time and it’s illusory constraints.

Along with the Tenth House, Saturn also rules: career, ambition, hard work, status, responsibility, father, the elderly, earth, property, wisdom, stability, politics, chronic ailments, limitations, restrictions, caution, karma, delays, obstacles, humility, endurance, sincerity and patience.

More negative aspects of strong Saturnian energy can be narrow minded thinking, pessimism, stinginess, antagonistic, provocateur, opportunistic, manipulative and domineering.

Astrologically, Saturn is known as the hard task-master, especially when it comes to life lessons, some of our own making, intentionally or not. He demands we remain accountable, ensuring you are and have been applying yourself, as you promised you would, in any and all aspects of your life. He thusly provides great rewards for hard work completed.

When Saturn Retrogrades in Capricorn this evening at 22:55 AEST (+10 UTC), it will be joining forces with Pluto Rx.

We will begin another sojourn to review our lives on many levels. Think of daily habits, routines, behavioural patterns, Karmic cycles, Karmic lessons (please remember, not ALL Karma is negative!) and of course how we SPEND our time.

That’s right, I said spend. Time is a non-renewable asset. Therefore, during this Retrograde make it a focus to review & discern where, with whom, and on what your time is best spent, not to mention your energy too!!

Where are you when you feel you’re wasting time and energy?

Where would rather be spending that time and energy?

What activities do you feel you’re wasting your time on?

What do you feel you would rather be doing with your time?

When during the day are you most susceptible to “time-wasting”?

How can you implement small changes to avoid this procrastination?

Saturn asks us these types of questions being the task-master, he doesn’t enable excuse making, procrastination nor avoidance / distraction tactics we subconsciously place as obstacles in front of what really needs to get done.

Look to where you are subconsciously placing barriers, obstacles or blockages up for yourself in your own life and creative pursuits. Or are you simply distracting yourself on purpose perhaps?

Considering the influx of karmic energy and lessons Saturn brings, look to your healing journey also. Saturn sheds light on the areas we feel the most inadequate, therefore if you have been triggered recently, dive deep on that line of inquiry and find the lesson within the wound.

It will most likely be a huge one for you and equally so, offering an opportunity for massive growth. To get a clearer understanding of how this will affect you personally, look to your Natal Chart to see which House and Sign Saturn resides. Saturn House placements are below.

The best piece of advice I can offer the collective at this time, and for the duration of the Retrogrades, is to breathe.

Breathe deeply into your belly. Release the tension in your shoulders, release the sense of urgency and negative rumination preventing you from creating from your divine space, and just DO! Take action.

Take solace in knowing, when you operate from this centred space, it is your higher-self taking the lead. So all will be divinely perfect. Which means, everything is a masterpiece and a work-in-progress simultaneously. It is the Divine paradox of being whole and complete whilst still growing and evolving. Things are perfect for now. This is what you must remember in order to proceed forward.

You are exactly where you are mean to be at this very point in time. Enjoy every breath of it!

As always, I hope this finds you incredibly well beloved.

If this resonates or has provided clarity and solace, drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings, always.



Saturn Rx through the Houses:

Saturn in the 1st House/Ascendant: Ruled by Aries/Mars.

Occasionally appearing aloof, or shy in your younger years. These counter energies of Saturn, caution, patience and discipline in the sign ruled by Mars the go-getter planet of impulsiveness, action and independence. Finding and learning to balance these two energies harmoniously will be your focus for the next few months. Be wary when it comes to your incessant drive and ambition as you can tend to be quite the serious one. Realise you too need to and take some down time to rest and recharge your batteries. Go a watch a funny film, relax and enjoy!

Saturn in the 2nd House: Ruled by Taurus/Venus. Patient and practical teamed with the hard-working determination to succeed. Your money habits can either be big-spender, or penny-pincher, it all depends on your frame of mind at the time. Your money motivations are for that of security and comfort, this Retrograde may have you reviewing your spending habits and budgeting. Along with taking a higher, new perspective on your relationship with money and the driving force behind all that luxury you have acquired over the years.

Saturn in the 3rd House: Ruled by Gemini/Mercury. Undeniably strong reasoning abilities and powers of focused concentration, you are an excellent student excelling in any area in which you are most passionate. Your methodology in completing tasks and projects shows your exceptional time management skills. This Retrograde season will afford you a slower pace, if you surrender into the energies, at which the higher perspective will be reached a little more easily and clarity as a result.

Saturn in the 4th House/IC: Ruled by Cancer/ the Moon. Your heart-felt deepest desire for family and stability surrounding the home was not always one handed to you. However, your pursuit of it offers long-term success, sometimes by way of running your own business from home. This Retrograde will have you going over your current situation with a fine-toothed comb, in search of ways to ease tension in the home and unify your family environment. With patience, understand and empathy, the path of least resistance can be found.

Saturn in the 5th House: Ruled by Leo/ the Sun. You prefer long-term investments in many areas of your life. Not just with love, money and relationships. Also, with projects, you enjoy creating things with your hands and anything you create always has a practical use. The Retrograde will offer energies to help you focus on your next step, the next project, next phase of relationship (love or other), the new job you’ve been secretly wanting for these last few months. Remain balanced and clear on your objective for the shifts you desire and you will find success.

Saturn in the 6th House: Ruled by Virgo/Mercury. You have a tendency to over-work yourself, and take on more responsibility than is expected as you feel, if you don’t do it, who will? Remember the work will be there tomorrow. This Retrograde could be useful for you to review your work/life balance and the relationships therein. Remember to play this season. Not everything must be work, status or ambition related. Connect in with your inner child this season and remember there is time for fun too!

Perspective......... Saturn vs Earth. A pretty and digital depiction.

Saturn in the 7th House: Ruled by Libra/Venus. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you seem to be able to feel responsible for friends and family, even when there is no need. Your life lesson is relationships, learning when to create them, with whom, and when to let them go. This Retrograde will have you in deep introspection with ow you view relationship. To friends, family, co-workers, romantic, and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. Not is all on your shoulders as it may feel sometimes, you need to balance yourself in order to support others. If that is what you wish to continue doing.

Saturn in the 8th House: Ruled by Scorpio/Pluto. This placement is not ideal for big cash in the bank, sometimes making you a little stingy. However, it does afford you a cautious mindset when it comes to investment, so losses can be kept minimal and can also indicate a wind-fall via inheritance later on in life. Perfection is your main influence and can hinder your ability to live a little. This Retrograde with Pluto also being Retrograde will be a double-up of renewal energies for you surrounding your ideas of perfection, how they have been limiting you and giving you a keen insight into perhaps another way in which you can view your world.

Saturn in the 9th House: Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter. Potentially a few false starts in life, when it comes to higher education and career. As you didn’t quite know where or what you wanted to be, until you were where you know you didn’t want to be! Once you did find the things that you wanted to do though, you’ve been sailing ever since. Higher education will play a role and be completed by you later in life. This Retrograde, especially with the joint Jupiter Rx energies, will have you reviewing your own ethics and morals. As well as, your standpoint on the ethics, morals and what is right/wrong in the world. You may even decide to take a trip for fun for a change, even if it’s only a weekend away. If you have yet to find your true calling, this could be the season some light is shed on your path.

Saturn in the 10th House/MC: Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn. Ambition and drive paralleled by few. You know what is required to get to where you desire, even if that download came a little later in age than the others. Slow and steady, gaining wisdom and skills along the way. Never one to cut corners and obstacles that stop some dead in their tracks are hurdles to you. This Retrogrades is time for a respite, to review, acknowledge and be grateful for all that you have achieved. Whilst casually laying plans for conquering your next big-time goal. Make time to do nothing, at least a couple of hours a week. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Saturn in the 11th House: Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus. In group settings and organisation you can take the lead easily. Occasionally due to believing you’re the most qualified for the job at hand. Your close friends are cherished as even though they can be few in number. They are of the highest in quality. The majority of people in your life are those whom are work related colleagues and associates. This Retrograde period may have you reviewing your ever-expanding network. Perhaps there is a cull to be made and some new additions invited into the fold.

Saturn in the 12th House: Ruled by Pisces/Neptune. Your dutiful work either behind the scenes of a humanitarian-level cause not seeking the recognition or you are out front running the show, and upset that you’re yet to be recognised for all of your efforts. The elusive and secretive Piscean energy of the 12th House has tendencies toward attracting “frenemies” or has you under the delusion people are “frenemies”. The Retrograde will be a good time to step back from all that you think to be negative in your life and take a higher, unbiased view over the situation/s. Remember life is not happening to you, life is teaching you.

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