Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

'Realign, Redesign & Reset, or ...?'

Pluto Stations 25th April 2020 16:55 AEST (+10 UTC) @ 24 degrees 59 min in 4th House

Proceeds Retrograde 26th April 2020 16:55 AEST (+10 UTC)

Stationing Direct 4th October 2020 12:32 AEDT (+11UTC) @ 22 degrees 29 min 1st House

Proceeds Direct 5th October 2020 12:32 AEDT (+11 UTC)

Pluto will have begun its Retrograde transit by the time you read this. The original title that was channelled to me was ‘Realign, Redesign, Reset, or Retire?’ I edited it as, I felt it was a little too dark given the old use of ‘retire’, especially given the what is unfolding at this time. the etymology is on point for what I felt though. I will touch on that later on in this article, as it really is relevant to the energies we are, have been, or will encounter this year. So, this is your trigger warning beloveds. Here we go….

When going over the charts for this retrograde transit, things I kept hearing were quite positive given the “reality” we find ourselves in. Brief windows of opportunity can be available given your awareness to them and the perspectives you utilise to assist you traversing them to your greatest benefit, as best you can.

Be mindful though, this is not of course, all sunshine, roses and Unicorn farts, nor is this a fluff piece. There will be more weeding out of things you know you shouldn’t be carrying = yes, MORE shadow work, and letting go. And unfortunately there will be other turmoils and potential tower moments = endings to rebuild something even better by recycling select debris. Sorry, not sorry. This is just truth.

However, let’s lighten this up a little first, before going any deeper into that.

The positive I feel this Pluto retrograde is going to offer us, is an energy encouraging us to flip the script in a whole new freaking way!! Especially when I discovered the last time Pluto was in the first House, was 26th June 2019 while completing that Retrograde transit.

It begs the question, to which I reflected on personally too: where were you in June of 2019?

Physically, financially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How have things changed, and in what way for you?

So now with that in your awareness, how do you wish to flip your current energy.

The first twelve weeks of this transit will have us revising this on all levels and in all aspects of our external and internal worlds. Allow the resistance to come up, as it will, however drop into your compassion for self and attune to your grace. Allow this revision to assist you in flipping your energy, your minds, your perspectives and thusly as a result, the “reality” you will experientially FEEL. Regardless of the 3D shit show we find ourselves in.

Click here to view Rx Chart from source site.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional astrologer, nor have I formally studied it. I just study the charts, use my gifts, and read astrology texts, whatever I feel pulled toward, and there are only two Astrologers I keep up to date with (links below, do yourself a favour)

I’ve digressed. When looking at the ephemeris and doing some research into the history of these transits, and then intuitively reading the charts, it’s not hard to notice patterns for me. It’s just the way my brain works. So, with that said here are some observations, channelled messages and dates, which I feel will be especially significant over the next few months of this retrograde transit.

We all know Plutonian energy is that of destruction to rebuild and rebirth the new. If you didn’t, you can check out a blog I did, linked below for more info.

When Pluto retrogrades, it quite literally goes retro. It will dig up all of that which you thought or felt you had a handle on, or had done a lot of work on to heal and will be like;

“Hey, remember that one time, eight or ten years ago? Here! Feel all that shit again now.”


“Hey, you thought last month was a level up, hahaha!! Strap yourself in hunny, coz heeere we go!”

Now knowing this is coming up, it can help you prepare, won’t make it any easier unfortunately. However, at least you you’ll avoid the sucker punch, and can recoginse what’s going on before making any decisions you’ll regret later.

The revision time is just that, revise the journey, you don’t have to relive every step. On the whole though, learn from it and realign your vision to what resonates with you in this now moment. To assist in creating an even more desirable outcome, by doing this your setting the bar higher for yourself. And yes, this will trigger you to ensure you match the frequency of the alignment you are seeking.

Four weeks ago now, I was given the date May 28th, when looking at this chart, the Gemini Sun and Leo Moon will be in a Sextile, Squaring Mars in Pisces and in Trine to Saturn in Aquarius.

Intuitively because I haven’t read anything on it, this feels like a potentially volatile day with Moon squaring Mars in its not so favourable position in Pisces. However we can embrace the smoother aspects of the Trine and Sextile energies. A day where we will receive a respite from the shit show and feel a level of inner peace. This will assist us in balancing out our emotional needs and wants whilst still remaining productive with the heavy 10th house placements. Keeping in mind, Saturn will be in Retrograde too at this time and with it being in Aquarius it just giving me a picture of Matthew McConaughey in Dazed n Confused vibe, leaving me a feeling of “chill man.” So you may feel as though your creations and project just seem to ooze and flow out of you on this particular day.

This doesn’t come without a warning though, as Venus will be still in Retrogade too – that blog is in production right now – so use your heart felt discernment prior to giving any people “second” chances. I say “second” because, we all know it’s more than that. No shade. I’ve been there.

The next date is a no brainer and that’s when Pluto and Saturn will conjunct again, the first conjunction took place 12th January 2020 – the last time Pluto and Saturn conjunct was back in 1982, when it was in Libra.

This conjunction is AKA “join forces to try and take over the world.” Pinky and the Brain style in my mind, just far more successful!!

These two planets have had biblical levels of impact on society over the centuries. Think World War One, sparked on 28th June 1914 when these two first conjunct, and by July 28th battles had begun and would not cease until November of 1915. Our ANZACs Day was borne as a result of this war.

The date of their second conjunction for 2020 will be 28th June 2020.

As this day will be a triple conjunction with Jupiter retrograde joining the soiree and in Square to Sun and Mercury conjuct in the 10th brings to mind relationships and connections, romantic and non. However, I cannot ignore a renewal, rewriting or dissolving of business agreements, contracts – written or verbal. People going back on their word in business deals. Also share prices and the structure of the global financial systems in general will be all be on the table for discussion and review. The level of the overhaul and destruction resulting will not be seen until – IMO, around September 2020.

In September and October, intuitively I feel there will be another upheaval and distruption, forcing even further changes and the 3D “reality” we find ourselves in will look and feel a lot different to today.

The best way we can prepare ourselves for the Retrograde season and the current 3D “reality” - still and ever unfolding before our eyes – is to innovate! MacGyver the shit out of the rest of this year!

Pluto rules Scorpio, which holds, IMO one of the most valuable tools and resources we can employ at this time. Recycling.

Now I mean this in a business sense, what have you already begun, but not yet completed into its fullness and potential you know it can become? Who are connected with? Is the connection in a mutual resonance, receptivity and benefit? Who you can join forces with? What do you have on hand? Grab that note book you scribbled all those ideas and notes in, and did nothing with, I have a few of them too, go look to them. Tune into you and see which of these ideas and notes lights you up.

This Pluto retrograde I feel is really giving us the opportunity and encouragement to reclaim your power over the external narratives being forced upon you and create the “reality” you hold in deepest of hearts desires, on a personal level!

I’m closing this with an excerpt from Ellias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees – Capricorn 24 – titled; 'Stalactites and stalagmites almost grown together.'

‘Super tight fit. Custom designed by destiny, tailor-made. The individualist carving out unique karmic arrangements to bear you across a difficult passage. A journey undertaken under peril, a secret assignment, withheld even from your conscious self. Cloak and dagger. The thoroughly veiled soul, the enigma of destiny. The secret instructions are writ upon your innermost being and you know them implicitly. Silent, circumspect, withheld. Super disciplined, guarded and private, sworn to secrecy. And inside of all this, secret brotherhoods and cosmic streams send their emissaries to take up incredible tasks and think nothing of it’

WOW! I read that as I wrote it for you all – and damn, that is powerful!

I hope you enjoyed this article, if you feel triggered, I get it. Please reach out to me to discuss, if you wish. All the links are below and thank you if you are still reading!

Be well and take care of you first!

Blessings always,

Zarah Wolf

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Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 10th House

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Gemini Sun/ Ascendant: 8th House (Ruled by Pluto)

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Scorpio Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House

Sagittarius Sun/ Ascendant: 2nd House

Capricorn Sun/ Ascendant: 1st House

Aquarius Sun/ Ascendant: 12th House

Pisces Sun/ Ascendant: 11th House

FOR A MORE PERSONALISED VIEW I’ve included a link below where you can calculate your own Birth Chart (Natal Chart) to see which House 24 degrees of Capricorn resides.

FREE Natal Chart:

If you’d like to go one step further, for an even more in depth look into how, more specifically where this transit will affect your life, I encourage you to also look at your Progressed Natal Chart. This can be simply calculated by jumping one day forward for each year of your life. Eg; my birthday is September 16th 1982 therefore I shift 38 days to find my Progressed Chart which is October 24th 1982.

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