MOON ASTROLOGY | Scorpio Full Moon

at 27 degrees 38 minutes

on Sunday, 19th April, 2019 at 07:11 AEST (+10UTC)

Scorpio Full 'Blue Flower' Moon - Charts - Wheel & Aspects (see below for interpretation)

Final sting of old cycles... Taking aim for the next decade...

This month our Full Moon falls in the powerhouse of transformation, Scorpio. The epitome of the ‘Phoenix Rising from the Ashes’ and it is quite apt as we are closing out an almost decade long cycle.

Think back to 2011, 2012. Where were you at this time? Geographically. Physically. Psychologically. Emotionally. Mentally.

Reflect on and acknowledge all of the past events, life cycles, traumas and the adverse, all the wins, your triumphs, victories over self.

You have endured it all. You have basked in it all. And what an epic transformation you have made beloved.

This Full Moon is not a closing out of one chapter, to begin a new one. This is the completion of one book in a Trilogy, a Saga, a monumental series. We are now bravely embracing the new story and future in which we have decided to write and build for ourselves. This is a time when you become consciously aware you are the author, the painter, the choreographer, the creator, of your existence.

Everything experienced over the last seven years has all been for your Soul lessons. The Universe has been schooling you and the last five months were the final exams. This is where you were pushed to your limits, your breaking point almost. Demanding you dig-deep and hold unshakable faith, surrendering into the closing of cycles, the purging, the healing and the growth required, and taking heed of your innate Divine Desires. Encouraging you to take the appropriate inspired action when and where necessary. This is all in Divine order for you to reach your highest and fullest Divine expression in this life-time.

Use the energies this evening and dig-deep once more to reveal anything else you wish to leave on the final pages of your previous biography. These can be the finale of; healings of old wounds, habits/addictions, limiting beliefs, lack-mentalities and any thought forms that create negative ruminating narratives. Now is the time to make peace with it all, so it may not hinder your future.

Acknowledge all, accept all, without judgement and choose forgiveness. Forgive all people, situations, events, for your own benefit, and let them go with unconditional love. And most importantly forgive yourself for your role in all of those situations, and send yourself unconditional love.

You were not your consciously awakened self then, just as those people, situations or events that wounded you, were not (or maybe they were) consciously aware. Either way, forgiveness and unconditional love will unlocking a brand new future for you. It is time to truly let go and trust. Yes, the leap into this new realm and future will be daunting however, trusting, maintaining your unshakable faith, is the key to walking into your consciously created future reality.

Our Blue Flower Scorpio Moon tomorrow morning is also at the very beginning of the Moon being Void of Course (a time in which makes ritual work and intention setting redundant).

Therefore, tonight is best to write down all that you wish to clear and finalise. As Scorpio energy will assist you in diving to the subterranean realms required to complete this book and bring forth that which you deeply desire to create and manifest into your future.

Upon Moonrise on Sunday 19th May, 2019 at 17:47 AEST (+10 UTC) our Moon will have completed the Void of Course and be in the sign of the Archer. Sagittarius.

Now, there will still be Full Moon energy to release and set intentions, however it will have target precision, so aim true to YOUR Divine hearts desires beloveds. Anything less will not stand.

For this evening, when you are writing your lists of things which you wish to release tonight - remember, whatever it is you feel in your heart, is not wrong. When you feel into your energetic body, trust it will never lie to you. As it is for YOU and it is from your higher self. It is your own internal light guiding you. The more you sit in this space the easier it becomes to trust your inner gps and innate intuition.

Then tomorrow evening, read it aloud (or in your Higher Mind) to Sister Luna and ask that she help you with this releasing. Then burn the piece of paper and bury the ash afterwards in your garden, knowing Mother Gaia will support the transmutation.

To write your intentions, sit in your heart, focus on what it is you wish to manifest into your reality this coming moon cycle, and write it all down on a separate piece of paper. Read this list aloud when the Moon has come out of the void, and request assistance from the Universe to cement your heart-felt intentions. This list is to be kept somewhere safe. In your journal, or perhaps you have a special box where you keep these near your altar.

As always, I hope this finds you all incredibly well beloveds.

Happy releasing & manifesting Moon lovers!

Welcome to the next decade, a decade of Divinity!!

Blessings and Divine light, always.



THE MAJOR ASPECTS (sans House placements):

With the Full Moon falling in Scorpio at 27 degrees 38 minutes position, this results in the following per the chart above;

Moon in opposition to Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus

Trining Neptune in Pisces, North Node in Cancer & Chiron in Aries in

Square to Black Moon Lilith in Pisces and making a

Sextile to Pluto Rx conjunct Saturn Rx in Capricorn.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus is making

Trine to Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx conjunction in Capricorn in

Square to Black Moon Lilith in Pisces.

Mercury conjunct Sun in Taurus is

Opposing the Moon in Scorpio is included in the

Trine to Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx conjunction in Capricorn.

Venus is now conjunct Uranus in Taurus and is

Sextile to Mars in Cancer and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces.

Mars in Cancer is in the

Sextile to Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus and

Trining Black Moon Lilith in Pisces whilst in

Square to Chiron in Aries.

Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius is Square Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn Rx conjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn

Trine Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus and

Opposing North Node in Cancer making a

Sextile to Neptune in Pisces.

Uranus conjunct Venus in Taurus is

Sextile to both Mars in Cancer and Black Moon Lilith in Pisces making

Trine to North Node in Cancer.

Neptune in Pisces is

Trining the Moon in Scorpio and North Node in Cancer

Squaring to Jupiter Rx IN Sagittarius.

Pluto Rx is in conjunction to Saturn Rx in Capricorn and is

Opposing the North Node in Cancer and

Trining Sun/Mercury conjunction in Taurus making a

Sextile to our Scorpio Moon.

The North Node* revisiting the final degrees of Cancer

Will be in Opposition to Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx conjunction in Capricorn,

Trine to both Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.

We have Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Aries in

Trine to the Moon and in

Square to Mars in Cancer.

Black Moon Lilith is Trine to Mars in Cancer and is

Sextile to the Uranus/Venus conjunction in Taurus completing

Square to Sun/Mercury conjunction in Taurus & the Moon in Scorpio.


Conjunctions imply intensity as the Planets are in an orb of 8 degrees (think side-by-side) and the energies are therefore blended. The intensity of positive or negative depends on the Planets involved. The key here is view conjunctions through the lens of the House in which they are transiting.

Oppositions are difficult aspects implying separation, challenges, being at odds, mostly involving relationships of all kinds. The key here is to meet these two energies in the middle, compromise and balance them so they may work together.

Squares are a hard aspect, causing us to feel pushed/corned to overcome obstacles with conflict likely. Encouraging action to be taken with rewarding achievements resulting. The way to do this is to balance the energies of the two Planets.

Trines are a smooth and encouraging energy, showing areas of good luck and the ability to overcome difficulty with minimal effort.

Sextiles are a similar to Trines, however you must put in the effort to harvest the rewards.

*The North Node - is not a planet nor asteroid but, a Nodal axis calculated from the Moons orbit in relation to the ecliptic inclination on the celestial equator. Where your North Node sits in your Natal Chart is considered your Dharma, Life Purpose and direction of emotional evolution.

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