MOON ASTROLOGY | Capricorn Full Moon

& Lunar Eclipse = Karmic Clearing & Close-out...

at 24 degrees 4 minutes

on Wednesday, 17th July, 2019 at 07:38 AEST (+10UTC)

Capricorn Full Moon - Charts - Wheel & Aspects (see below for interpretation)

This month our Full Moon falls conjunct the already present Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/South Node Rx conjunction in Capricorn.

In Opposition to Sun conjunct Venus/North Node conjunction in Cancer and conjunct Mercury Rx in Leo.

Amplifying these intense energies is the partial Lunar Eclipse we will experience only minutes earlier Wednesday morning here in Australia.

This Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse will close out a 37-year cycle for us as a collective.

Many of us have been clearing and closing our Karmic lessons and cycles since the beginning of this year.

Check out my video, linked below for more Channeled guidance.

However, with the New Moon earlier this month in the sign of Cancer ‘the Mother’, this Full Moon is completing the clearing of ‘parent wounds’ with it being in Capricorn, which represents ‘the Father’.

This is a time to adjust, amend, end and re-write all the old belief systems and paradigms we have consciously – or subconsciously – subscribed to for the majority of our lives. Throughout all aspects of our lives. Especially surrounding past-life contracts and ancestral lineage wounds, past, present and future. Which can only be healed through healing of ourselves and transmuted through the practice of returning to our Soul truths, our own levels of unconditional-self-love and trust.

We can do this Alchemically by using the Hermetic teachings of The Kybalion, specifically by understanding, practicing and mastering the Laws and Principles of; Polarity, Rhythm, Mental Gender. I encourage you to explore the Hermetic teachings for yourself and see what you uncover that could be of most benefit to you at this time.

To understand the aspects of your own life this Full Moon is pushing you towards transformation and a renewal of self, look to your Natal Chart and find which House 24 degrees and 4 minutes of Capricorn resides. I have included a link down below for you to calculate your chart.

Trust yourself and your hearts’ guidance when completing your letters for releasing what no longer is in alignment with your Souls’ highest calling.

Now is not the time to play small, nor shrink yourself for the comfort of others.

Now is the time to truly own your Divinity and step courageously forth into the unknown.

There is no absolute logic to be found just yet, with the Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx conjunction in Capricorn things will continue to mentality elude us for a little while longer. January 2020 keeps coming up for me, so until then trust your feeling body and heart, practice listening to your intuition and Souls’ calling.

If what you discover is based in fear, that is not your intuition, nor is it a higher source of guidance. True intuition and Universal guidance is and comes from, a space of unconditional love, acceptance and is void of any judgements.

Amped up Saturnian energies with this Full Moon partial Eclipse in Capricorn - July 2019

This Full Moon is the going to be a massive turning point in our lives and I encourage you to dig deep and truly feel into what your heart and Soul are pulling you towards.

As always beloveds, when you are writing your lists of things which you wish to release this evening - remember, whatever it is you feel in your heart, is not wrong. When you feel into your energetic body, trust it will never lie to you. As it is for YOU and it is from your higher self. It is your own internal light guiding you. The more you sit in this space the easier it becomes to trust your inner gps.

After you have written what you wish to release, read it aloud (or in your Higher Mind) to Sister Luna and ask that she help you with this releasing. Then burn the piece of paper and bury the ash afterwards in your garden, knowing Mother Gaia will support the transmutation.

To write your intentions, sit in your heart, focus on what it is you wish to manifest into your reality this coming moon cycle, and write it all down on a separate piece of paper. This list is to be kept somewhere safe. In your journal, or perhaps you have a special box where you keep these near your altar.

Despite this Full Moon beginning simultaneously with the Void of Course, (a time in which makes ritual work and intention setting redundant), you will still have Full Moon energies this evening, and again after 19:18 AEST tomorrow evening once the Moon has transited into Aquarius.

As always, I hope this finds you all incredibly well beloveds.

Happy releasing & manifesting Moon lovers!

Blessings and Divine light, always.



Calculate your Natal Chart here...

THE MAJOR ASPECTS (with House placements):

With the Full Moon falling in Capricorn at 24 degrees 4 minutes this results in the following per the chart above;

Moon is conjunct Saturn Rx/Pluto Rx/South Node** Rx conjunction in Capricorn in 6th House, ruled by Virgo/Mercury

Opposing the Sun conjunct Venus/North Node* conjunction in Cancer in 12th House, ruled by Pisces/Neptune whilst in conjunction to Mercury Rx in Leo in the 1st House, ruled by Aries/Mars making a Trine to Mid-Heaven (MC) in Taurus.

Sun in Cancer in 12th House, ruled by Pisces/Neptune is Conjunct Venus/North Node conjunction

Conjunct Mercury Rx in Leo in the 1st is making a

Trine to Neptune Rx in Pisces in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto.

Mercury Rx in Leo in the 1st House conjunct et al.^ is also

Square aspect to Uranus in Taurus in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter & in

Trine to Chiron Rx in Aries in the 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto.

Venus in Cancer conjunct Sun/North Node/Mercury Rx is also in

Trine to Neptune Rx in Pisces in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto, and

Sextile to MC in Taurus.

Mars in Leo in the 1st House, ruled by Aries/Mars, is in

Trine to both Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius in the 5th House, ruled by Leo/Sun & Chiron Rx in Aries in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto whilst

Square to Uranus in Taurus in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter.

Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius is also in

Square to Neptune in Pisces in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto.

Saturn Rx conjunct Pluto Rx/North Node Rx/Moon conjunction is also

Trine to MC in Taurus and in

Sextile to Neptune Rx in Pisces in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto.

Uranus in Taurus in the 9th House, ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter is also in

Square to Mercury Rx conjunction et al.^

We have Chiron (the Wounded Healer) still in Aries, now Retrograde, in in 8th House, ruled by Scorpio/Pluto is

Trine to both Mercury Rx and Mars in Leo in the 1st House, ruled by Aries/Mars.


Conjunctions imply intensity as the Planets are in an orb of 8 degrees (think side-by-side) and the energies are therefore blended. The intensity of positive or negative depends on the Planets involved. The key here is view conjunctions through the lens of the House in which they are transiting.

Oppositions are difficult aspects implying separation, challenges, being at odds, mostly involving relationships of all kinds. The key here is to meet these two energies in the middle, compromise and balance them so they may work together.

Squares are a hard aspect, causing us to feel pushed/corned to overcome obstacles with conflict likely. Encouraging action to be taken with rewarding achievements resulting. The way to do this is to balance the energies of the two Planets.

Trines are a smooth and encouraging energy, showing areas of good luck and the ability to overcome difficulty with minimal effort.

Sextiles are a similar to Trines, however you must put in the effort to harvest the rewards.

*The North Node - is not a planet nor asteroid but, a Nodal axis calculated from the Moons orbit in relation to the ecliptic inclination on the celestial equator. Where your North Node sits in your Natal Chart is considered your Dharma, Life Purpose and direction of emotional evolution.

**The South Node – is calculated from the North Nodal Axis as it sits in direct opposition to your North Node. This is considered the path of your Karma, lessons learned in past lives, lessons to be integrated and moved beyond in this life time.

^ et al. – Latin abbreviation for “and others”.

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