Jupiter Retrograde

Trekking for Expansion - to where? and beyond!

Stations Rx: 14th May 2020 @ 12:32 AEST (+10 UTC) for 24 hours

Proceeds Rx: 15th May 2020 in Capricorn

at 27° 15’ in the 6th House of Virgo/Mercury

Stations Direct: 12th September 2020 @ 22:41 AEST (+10 UTC) for 24 hours

Proceeds Direct: 13th September 2020 in Capricorn

at 17° 24’ in the 8th House of Scorpio/Pluto

Jupiter, once Iuppiter, the Roman God of the Sky and Thunder. One of the many adaptions of his Latin names ‘Iuppiter Lucetius’ translates to ‘Jupiter of the Light’ – as the etymology is that of ‘shining’, ‘sky’ or ‘day’ – ‘father’.

Jupiter was the son of Saturn, brother to Pluto and Ceres, father to Juno, and is also known as Zeus in Greek mythos. It was said that Jupiter blesses to ‘secure victory’ and symbols in which we can channel his energy are that of the Oak tree and the eagle. He was also known to hold a Royal scepter and Staff. The later being very reminisce of Merlin, in my opinion.

Over the course of tuning into what this Jupiter retrograde will mean for us as a collective. I was given the message and feeling of a Jupiter/Hades energy being combined.

This does feel in alignment with what we will be experiencing these coming months, as Hades is God of the Underworld, thus Pluto.

Having the two brothers reuniting in a triple conjunction with their father Saturn between 17th June 2020 at 20:13 AEST until 9th July 2020 at 14:11 AEST, I intuitively feel there will be light shed on much that which falls under the ‘white-collar crimes’ labels, in the prelude as well as during this time. Especially after taking into consideration, the history of Jupiter/Hades midpoints.

There is also especially significant transits occurring 03:00 AEDT on January 2, 2021 which will also be connected to what we are to experience. It would be remiss of me to not mention there are further big changes and shifts yet to be revealed to us all. Especially as Uranus will still be retrograde, not stationing until 14th January 2021.

As the last Jupiter retrograde we experienced was between April 10, 2019 through to August 11, 2019 I was pulled to look back to the Sagittarius Full Moon article I wrote back then. It certainly has a lot to offer by ways of the energies we have been and will be experiencing in this transit. Therefore, click here if you feel called to look at that article too.

Jupiter being at its Fall in Capricorn – weakest position - leans me toward feeling the energies are of that of a potential volcano. It will be interesting to see the geographical and environmental events that unfold during this transit.

As we are being pushed to expand and step into not only our power more, our truths and our heart-led destined Souls purpose. We are simultaneoulsy being squashed, or restricted by the Capricornian energy.

Bringing up feelings of resistance and thus, doubt of our paths and journeys forward. A way in which to traverse this, and ultimately overcome to work through this obstacle, is to revisit your energy when you were in the space of certainty and clarity of your Soul purpose. This has not changed per sei, however the way in which it will be brought forth into the physical manifestation of a 3D reality, will now look and feel different.

This energy is shedding light on that which we must revise again, in order to transmute, integrate and transcend to yet another deeper level of innerstanding of Self on the spiraling ascent.

During this retrograde season and the transiting aspects we will encounter, remember, your Soul’s purpose and gift to the world has not changed. If anything it grows stronger and evolves each day.

Only the path beneath your feet and the philosophical journeys you will take, will no longer be familiar territory. This is to be expected at this time, as we have now entered into a Nodal shift with North Node now in Gemini again which has not been felt since October 2001 through to April 2003. Click here for that article.

Be mindful, retrogrades are for remembering. They can be sometimes best utilised as a withdrawing of energies, to go within. A chance to review, revise, adapt, end, or adjust the course. Within any and all aspects of your life and “realities”.

It would be especially beneficial to note for yourself, during this time we will encounter many heavy and fluid aspects to Neptune still transiting Pisces. This energy blending with that of Mercurial Gemini transiting planetary energies, will to varying degrees, cause much dis-ease in the mental realms. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to all, to ensure our mental health is kept as an equal priority to that of our Souls missions, purpose and destinies.

Below are the charts for the main days of this opening and closing of Jupiter retrograde.

However, I have also selected the 23rd June of this transit. When Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto Rx conjunction makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, opposes the Cancerian placed Moon/Mercury conjunction in Sextile to Mars in Pisces which is in Trine to the Moon and Square the Cancerian Sun. Third slide below.

When looking at this aspect chart I heard, “this will be a day where our values and beliefs will be again tested and review heavily in relation to our immediate connections and that of our position and value amongst the communities we find ourselves in.”

What needs to come to light and be integrated in order to find our place? Any secrets, illusions or disillusions will also be looked at. Especially relating to career, life purpose. We will be asked again, “Are you doing what you truly love?” “Or are you at least working and edging your way toward it?” ”

Now is the time trust your gut. Trust your heart and allow your Soul to take the wheel. Trust yourself and your innate wisdom and knowing.

Your grounded discernment will truly assist you, always. However, do not allow it to be so grounded you restrict or block yourself from aiming for greatness. You are worthy and deserving of your dreams.

Do not allow the inner-critic - or an aspect of your wounded inner child - prevent you from this launch, into what can only be described as, an event horizon in your personal journey.

As this is an extremely Karmic time – read Venus pre-Retrograde ShadowS here & Venus Rx articles here – it would be of great benefit to review the last Jupiter Rx transits for reflection, direction or, perhaps redirection. These dates are:

10 April 2019 – 11 August 2019, in Sagittarius; 9 March 2018 – 10 July 2018, in Scorpio; 6 February 2017 – 9 June 2017, in Libra; 8 January 2016 – 9 May 2016, in Virgo; 8 December 2014 – 8 April 2015, in Leo; 7 November 2013 – 6 March 2014, in Cancer; 4 October 2012 – 30 January 2013, in Gemini; 30 August 2011 – 25 December 2011, in Taurus; 23 July 2010 – 18 November 2010, in Aries/Pisces.

Again I felt guided to look to Ellias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees, to Capricorn 27. It is entitled and it reads:

“A long mirrored hallway lit with candles.”

‘Purpose gazes right down the middle and sees that the way is clear. The internal adversary lurks under, around, and through things and is supremely doubtful of everything you see and know. This only provokes the purposive one to become higher and mightier, more commanding and domineering – which in turn incites the adversary to more radical sabotage by denying your own worth in a savage fashion. Each side pushes the other over the edge. You are karmically at a crossroads, trying on for size strong selfhood and its inevitable shadow of pervasive doubts and negations. Learning and discovering arduously how to stay with yourself, even while going against oneself. And thereby outlasting the adversary, and proving that one can do the impossible, even when one is one’s own fiercest critic and hardest-to-impress audience.’

Allow yourself to breathe beloved. You already know the way forward into your highest good. Your highest destiny and calling. Surrender to your own magic within and allow your heart and Soul to guide you to where you know you belong. To where even the wildest of your imaginings would pale in comparison to the new reality awaiting you.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has offered some solace and guidance for you during this next transit.

There is as usual below, a generalised list of what House to focus on and a link to a free natal chart for a more personalised look for you.

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Astrology, Retrogrades (yes, there are more on the way haha!), and of the New and Full Moon magic blogs too!

Blessings to you Brothers and Sisters, and to all beings, always.

Zarah Wolf


Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 10th House – Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn

Taurus Sun/ Ascendant: 9th House – Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Gemini Sun/ Ascendant: 8th House – Ruled by Scorpio/Pluto

Cancer Sun/ Ascendant: 7th House – Ruled by Libra/Venus

Leo Sun/ Ascendant: 6th House – Ruled by Virgo/Mercury

Virgo Sun/ Ascendant: 5th House – Ruled by Leo/the Sun

Libra Sun/ Ascendant: 4th House – Ruled by Cancer/the Moon

Scorpio Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini/Mercury

Sagittarius Sun/ Ascendant: 2nd House – Ruled by Taurus/Venus

Capricorn Sun/ Ascendant: 1st House – Ruled by Aries/Mars

Aquarius Sun/ Ascendant: 12th House – Ruled by Pisces/Neptune

Pisces Sun/ Ascendant: 11th House – Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

FOR A MORE PERSONALISED VIEW I’ve included a link below where you can calculate your own Birth Chart (Natal Chart) to see which Houses both Aquarius & Capricorn reside & where your Natal Saturn resides.

FREE Natal Chart: https://horoscopes.astro-seek.com/birth-chart-horoscope-online

If you’d like to go one step further for an even more in depth look into how this transit will affect your life, I encourage you to also look at your Progressed Natal Chart. This can be simply calculated by jumping one day forward for each year of your life eg; my birthday is September 16th 1982 therefore I shift 38 days to find my Progressed Chart which is October 24th 1982.

History Reference: https://mythopedia.com/roman-mythology/gods/jupiter/

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