Aquarius Full Moon

~ A twist on new & old Narratives ~

4th August 2020 @ 01:58 AEST (+10 UTC)

11° 45’ in the 9th House of Sagittarius/Jupiter

Moon begins Void of Course: 07:45 AEST 5th August 2020

When tuning into this Full Moon it felt distant, cold a detached, quite happy to observe, been seen but not really to share.

Even when I was invited by two separate parties to join in online Full Moon rituals I politely declined. Expressing to them I felt this was a solo venture Moon. Which, this isn’t unusual for me personally, as I do not make a habit of practicing ritual in groups. Especially given the energies we have been experiencing for the past 18 months. I digress.

Looking at the charts, which are pictured below with links at the bottom of this article, the following channelled messages came through in automatic writing for the Collective’s highest good.

There is also the theme of “Luck” similarly to when we had Jupiter in Sagittarius last year. Upon delving into the Charts this was confirmed upon discovering the Moon will be conjunct the Fixed Star Albali. Link for more info below. Without further ado, here is the channelled guidance beloved family.


Find answers out of reach with Negative Capability.

What lies in wait over the horizon?

What awaits to celebrate over the horizon?

Remove the physicality; seek to conquer & quest into vast spiritual horizons to quench the insatiable thirst of your Soul, for connection, for innerstanding, for community. Keep you Soul Perspectives, attuned to the macro of the interconnectedness of your journey & the wisdom that has been on offer all along, ready for the taking when - & if - you are willing & ready to take in the occasional funky tastes not made for your delicate palate.

The Uranian energy of Aquarius longs for freedom, esoteric perspectives & quirky technological advances & implications for the evolution of society. The tempered nature of Uranus now in Taurus at it’s Fall until 2027, this Moons ruler is now Square itself.

Which is quite a reflection for the Collective Dark Night of the Soul, purging & clearing, integration & transcendence we have been experiencing this year already. An almost unwillingness, or hesitancy from the unaware masses to look plainly at what is right in front of, & within them.

Avoiding the contact to save feeling, to remain detached & free to be. Free to love from a safe distance, and have space to be with Self when required.

This Full Moon Square Uranus at 10° 38’ – 9th & 12th Houses respectively, in opposition the Leo Sun at 11° 45’ in the 3rd House is asking you:

How much longer will you negate your true Self? Soul path? Your own value? Based on the opinions, beliefs and limited perspectives of others. Who, even when given the choice would choose a micro-avoidant narrow view on an infinite landscape of abundance and potential, only to focu on that which they see is lacking or an obstacle smaller than a mole-hill.

Stand planted in your truth on this path – the only thing worth being ‘fixed’ to. Your path of your Divine heart.


When are you going to shift you focus, attention and priorities onto Self to take the appropriate steps on your healing journey so you are able to be the clear channel and “higher” perspective (think, Queen of Swords) many are seeking for clarity?

It is time to burn those old paradigms to the ground that have had you believing false-hoods about what Self-love really is. It is devoid of “ego”. It is parenting and nurturing yourself the way in which you had wished to receive in childhood AND KNOWING IN YOUR BONES you are so fucking worth it beloved!!!!

Drop the weight you give to others opinions & allow yourself to breathe. Stretch your wings skyward!

When standing true in you heart space, in service to humanity ascending into a Higher level of consciousness, a higher ground, you will feel its truth envelope you. Hold you tight & support you through any storms, because you are the light that soothes, warms and nurtures the growth of all of life. Of all it touches. You are of the stars, the Sun & the Moon. And this is why you are luminous to those who seek.

It is time you honour your light the whole world already sees beloved. And so it is!

Make a sacred space for yourself this evening beloved. Light a candle, some oils or incense.

Collect some items you feel represent the elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Trust your intuition without judgement for each. Some use salt for spirit. I like to use a white feather.

And as you use your breath to ground yourself down into your heart space. Setting the intention that all that is to be written and prayed for and invoked upon – will be in the highest good, not only of yourself, your Souls journey, and your family.

Ensure it will be of the highest good of all of humanity at this time. Ensure it is aligned with the Cosmic Heart that beats within your own breast.

You are encouraged to invoke, call upon, your God, Angels and Guides to further assist you with this releasing and manifestation for this event.

Attune to your heart beloved and trust in its guidance, always.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has offered some solace and guidance for this Full Moon.

Please feel free to share this – and any of my articles - amongst those you love.

There is as usual below, a generalised list of Zodiac so at a glance you can see which House will be your focus for personal releasing and intention setting. Along with a link for a free natal chart for a more accurate indication.

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Be well Brothers & Sisters.

Blessings to you all, and to all beings, always.

Zarah Wolf


Aries Sun/ Ascendant: 11th House – Ruled by Aquarius/Uranus

Taurus Sun/ Ascendant: 10th House – Ruled by Capricorn/Saturn

Gemini Sun/ Ascendant: 9th House – Ruled by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Cancer Sun/ Ascendant: 8th House – Ruled by Scorpio/Pluto (Trad. Mars)

Leo Sun/ Ascendant: 7th House – Ruled by Libra/Venus

Virgo Sun/ Ascendant: 6th House – Ruled Virgo/Mercury

Libra Sun/ Ascendant: 5th House – Ruled by Leo/ the Sun

Scorpio Sun/ Ascendant: 4th House – Ruled by Cancer/the Moon

Sagittarius Sun/ Ascendant: 3rd House – Ruled by Gemini/Mercury

Capricorn Sun/ Ascendant: 2nd House – Ruled by Taurus/Venus

Aquarius Sun/ Ascendant: 1st House – Ruled by Aries/Mars

Pisces Sun/ Ascendant: 12th House – Ruled by Pisces/Neptune

FOR A MORE PERSONALISED VIEW I’ve included a link below where you can calculate your own Birth Chart (Natal Chart) to see which House 11° 45’ of Aquarius resides.

FREE Natal Chart here.

If you’d like to go one step further, for an even more in depth look into how this transit will affect your life, I encourage you to also look at your Progressed Natal Chart. This can be simply calculated by jumping one day forward for each year of your life eg; my birthday is September 16th 1982 therefore I shift 38 days to find my Progressed Chart which is October 24th 1982.


Info on Albali:

CHART #1 Aqua Full Moon Geo Wheel Chart + Aspect Table

CHART #2: Aqua FM – Fixed Stars Traditional

CHART #3: Aqua FM - Geo vs Helio Charts

CHART #4 Aqua Full Moon Traditional Astro Wheel Chart

All 286 Fixed Stars

Fixed Star Gallery

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