Personal Audio Recording
Channelled Guidance + Tarot

For your Recorded Reading Session, Zarah will be tuned into your energy and in Channel to provide the messages you need at this time. Utilising the Tarot for further clarification on the messages received. And taking into account the underlying energies (AKA bottom of the deck) for potential blockages you may be facing at this time. 

Dependent upon the Session purchased the mini Astrology Consult briefs you on major events - if any - that are unfolding in your Astrology at this time. This is not a Natal Chart Consult, however, this offering will be available for purchase in the near future. 

Zarah's reading style is no-fluff,  she tells it like it is and dives deep to get to the crux of what is going on.

By her very nature, she is  a mirror, and truth her medicine.

However, Zarah is a safe space with absolutely NO judgement and delivers even the harshest of truths with the deepest compassion and love.


~ 15 min

= 2 Questions


~ 30 min

= 3 Questions

+ Clarifiers

+ mini Astrology Consult

~ 1 hour

= 3 to 4 Questions

+ Clarifiers

+ an Oracle Card

+ mini Astrology Consult

~ New & Full Moon Readings

(recommend 30mins)

= a focused mini Astrology Consult

for La Luna's transit

+ a spot light on the areas for your ritual &

 intention setting or general guidance

+ one card pull of Tarot or Oracle 

for YOUR unique theme including

 a Channelled message for this

Luna phase & cycle.


**when placing your order let Zarah know;

1. Which Moon you desire to focus on

2. Specify 'Ritual' or 'General'


3. Type 'TAROT' or 'ORACLE' in the form below

And so it is!

Blessed be Moon Lover

Your chosen Recorded Session will arrive for unlimited eternal access via the 'My Orders' page in your private Member’s Profile within 72-hours, unless contacted directly.


**For New & Full Moon Readings, the greatest effort will be made to get your reading to you in time for the Moon, however, to avoid any disappointment;  ensure you have ordered 72 hours or more prior!

This will ensure you can create enough Ritual preparation space in time for yourself & the New or Full Moon apex!

Note from Zarah: Regarding Health readings. I can advise you of the messages I receive in channel. However, I am not a Doctor, and therefore serious concerns should always be consulted with by a medical professional. 

Please ensure to tick the box confirming you have read the Disclaimer, Refund Policy & Privacy Policy linked below, and available upon request in writing to

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