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This is a safe space.

Somewhere to drop in and remember to breathe.

The space where clarity, hope, love and compassion are on offer, in equal abundance alongside truth, transparency, integrity. Wrapped in a divinely mystical bundle of magick!

Zarah Wolf offers a standing invitation to you, for you to step to your own truth, purpose, and Highest Version unapologetically, and authentically in every encounter.

Through deep reconnection and realignment to Self & a willingness to be held in the most vulnerable of depths & darkness.

Let Zarah Wolf be the light guiding you back to your heart on the path of “bone-deep remembering”

Zarah Wolf has channelled for and guided one-on-one, just shy of a thousand Souls in her brief time since honouring her own Divine gifts since 2017. 

It is through her embracing the process the wisdom has continued to unlock ever since. Revealing more and more of her Soul’s medicine as her winding journey ascends the spiral.

Utilising many of the sacred and ancient tools. Zarah Wolf uses her pristine Channel, Heyoka-levels of empathy, Intuitive-Hermetic-Evolutionary-style Astrology and the Tarot to reveal the triggers blocking you to your next Exalted Ascent.

Formally trained as a Reiki Practitioner, the other language in her tool kit is energy. Angelic, Hermetic & Quantum frequencies of consciousness to reach hidden and long forgotten spaces in time.

Zarah Wolf consistently strengthens and practices her gifts, while studying holistically.

The mystical & esoteric. The Cosmic & Astrological. The Scientific & Philosophical. To maintain alignment with, and exalt into the Highest Divine Standard her offerings bring. No matter the topic.

Her channelled way of being is what makes her the powerful Omnidimensional Alchemist that you see in this now moment.

It is by embracing her truth she stands whole, sacred and sound in her Divine Creatrix Sovereignty.

Unrestricted by any finite labels whilst weaving her own 9th Dimensional Soul Symphony in the 3D hologram.

Join Zarah and thousands of others in accepting the invitation to unite in reclaiming their role as a

‘Leader for the New Age Earth’ being birthed.

There is lots to see, do, and BE on the other side of the looking glass.

Are you ready?

This is the Call. The sign you’ve been waiting for.

It is time for your bone deep remembering beloved.

The only time is now.



I am Zarah Wolf. This is my Light for all those who seek.

This is my Soul’s Medicine.

I am not here to try and sell you a dream.

I am here to show you how to create it!

Let's do this! 

9D kinda love all the way fam, always.

Zarah Wolf

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Each Session is Channelled.

Each Session is an opportunity for healing & ascension of your Consciousness.

Zarah as a Channel, will meet you exactly where you are, and will be a guide into the depths you are willing to go, in order to assist with uncovering the truth & clarity you seek.

Assisting in facilitating the shift your soul is ready to experience at this time.

Tarot & Astrology are only two of her Divination tools. 

The rest is up to you!



Consciousness Coaching ReAlignment SESSIONS



Channelled Guidance +

AStro & Tarot

Available via Zoom,

Recorded or Telephone

Consciousness Coaching ReAlignment SESSIONS



Personal Oracle &

Astrology Consultant

Available via Zoom

Telegram or Signal


"Zarah is wealth of knowledge when it comes to numerology and astrology; I swear I learn something new every time I connect with her! Holding out for the day you release your first training course!! Thank you for everything, Zarah!    Love your #1 fan, Enya"

— Enya Harris



Melbourne - Australia


+61 430 405 395


I am not here to sell you a dream. I am here to show you how to create it!©

All Rights Reserved © 2018 - 2021 Amanda L Darch ABN 14 122 958 195 (Prev. TA Zarah Wolf)

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