Consciousness Coaching - ReAlignment Sessions & Packages - In Detail  Continued......

Are you tired of standing in the way of your own dreams, desires & goals for personal spiritual healing & evolution connect with Zarah today to organise your Clarity Call.


Through four powerful one-on-one sessions, you will learn to tap into and decode your own energy, activating the already present Divine gifts you hold bone-deep and activating your connection to your Highest Self & fostering your flourishing potential within.


You will learn how to utilise the Soul-Level Perspective at each perceived challenge you face to assist you in accepting the Quantum reflected reality we are living in, identify your patterns, wounds and blockages at a core paradigm level so you may Alchemise them within mere moments prior to you stealing your own Peace & Zen from your NOW moment.


These sessions are designed to assist you in taking control of your journey. Not only to assist you in living your best life. They are to guide you on how to hold space for oneself and knowing thyself, so you can make space within your hectic schedule to MAKE the space and TIME for the healing.


You are in control of your Avatar, Vessel, meat-suit, - whichever label you subscribe – you are the Soul behind the wheel of this Chariot, you are not the passenger.


This journey will assist you in setting the foundations to making the desired powerful shifts in your life to reaching your personal goals.

Included in this Package:

1 x 1hr Deep Dive Foundations Session

3 x 1.5hr Sessions over 6 weeks.



Interim Session support & deep dives via Channelled Quest Cues for you to journey with & scribe into.


Private Telegram chat – bff’s styles &


the ‘Conscious Community Network’ on FB, where there is a library of content available 24/7/365 to all members.




If this calls to your Soul, Zarah warmly invites you to reach out for a heart to heart Clarity call with her today!


If you are still not convinced this beautiful opportunity is for you, perhaps a Recorded Reading would be of more assistance to you in this now moment.



Make it a wonderful day!

9D kinda love all the way, 

Zarah Wolf

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