Alignment Guidance Sessions & Package - In Detail  Continued......

This is a tailored experience designed to meet you where ever you are, along your path.

Through our powerful one-on-one sessions, you will learn to tap into and decode your own energy, activating the already present potential you hold within.

You will learn how to identify your patterns, wounds and blockages at a core paradigm level.

These sessions are designed for you, to assist you in, taking control of your journey and living your best life. Setting the foundations to making a powerful shift in your life and assisting you in reaching your personal goals.


We will dive into what you are fundamentally seeking

What blockages and limitations within, you are already aware of

Where you want clarity in your life

What you want your life to look like &

How deep you're willing to dive to get there.


Unveil Yourself through Mirror Meditation technique


Release judgement, guilt, shame and other conditioned programming


Learn to ground yourself through guided meditations and connecting in with your energy


Connect with your higher-self to find clarity around your soul purpose


Activating your energies to remove blockages using EFT techniques

Understanding the power of Prana, you will learn how to utilise breath work to create and maintain balance within. Further assisting you to create from your zero-point.


Throughout the duration of this transformative experience, you will have access to ongoing support whilst you traverse this chapter of your awakened or awakening journey.


This experience is to assist you in bringing stability back into your life. To support a balanced mindset, emotional state and psyche. Through implementing techniques, strategies and practices to support your mental health, personal development and overall well-being.


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We will share a relaxed, open and deep conversation, to help discern what your objective is in utilising this service, and most importantly, if I am the Guide for you!

All sessions are held in utmost privacy and confidence.

(Please refer to my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy below for further information.

If this speaks to you, I encourage you to reach out and connect.

Have a wonderful day beloved.


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