•  Integrity                                                                                     I hold myself and my work to an extremely high standard, and will always stay true to my word.

  • Transparency                                                                                             If I am not “ON” that day, I will not pretend to be. Nor do I   have any qualms in admitting it.

  • Anonymity                                                                                           Any details, about you or disclosed in, any session go no   further than myself, period.

  • Client Respect                                                                                           Respect is embodied in each and all of my Sessions and interactions, and is expected to be mutual.

  • Client Support & Equality                                                     No judgement. Full stop. Nurturing, welcoming & all                 inclusive.

  • Quality Personal Service                                                                   By default of how I work, each session will be tailored to you.

  • Professional Conduct                                                                         Each session will have records, for future sessions.


Amanda L Darch


(A ‘ Session’ is; any of my offerings. A reading, a healing, a consultation or any other appointed Service provided by myself)